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Congratulations to Tianjin Sianjia for winning the bid for the valves and supporting pipelines and fittings project in the waste heated recovery heating project of Fushun New Steel Co., Ltd.

Author:SIANJIA FLOW CONTROL PublicTime:2019-09-11 Views:1420

With its good reputation, industry experience, strong technical force and reasonable quotation, Tianjin Sianjia Company has won the affirmation of the bidding unit. In August 2019, it successfully won the bid for the heat recovery heating project of Fushun New  Steel Co., Ltd. Valves and supporting pipe fittings, winning the bid price of 5.53 million yuan. This project is mainly for Fushun New  Steel Co., Ltd. to use waste heated recovery of flue gas, power generation and sintering, recycling of resources for external centralized heating. This project can satisfy the 4 million square meters of heat supply of the northwest direction outside the factory, that is to say, it solves the problem of insufficient heat source of central heating, realizes the efficient utilization of energy and environmental protection. Our company is mainly responsible for the supply of valves and supporting pipes in this project.

The successful bidding of this project is undoubtedly the affirmation and recognition of the company's comprehensive strength and technical level, as well as the correct decision-making of the company's leadership and the full cooperation of the personnel of various departments. The winning bid of this project not only demonstrates the company's ability and strength, but also demonstrates the company's core competitiveness, and lays a solid foundation for the promotion of our company's market development. Thereafter, our company will continue to help our customers with stable quality and excellent service.