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The LNG markets have enjoyed a rapid growth over the last 40 years. In order to remain competitive in today’s environment, the current challenges facing the energy industry as a whole must be taken into consideration. These can be summarised in the following three points:

1. Global energy demand is continuing to grow

2. The growth rate of supplies of “easy oil and gas” will struggle to keep up with the growing energy demand

3. Increased use of coal, plus the overall dominance of fossil fuels, will cause higher carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and strongly increase environmental stresses.

Natural gas, being the fuel with the lowest carbon intensity, will play an increasing role in the future of energy supplies, and demand for LNG has been forecasted to grow at seven percent per annum until 2020.

Project requirements will become ever more demanding due to increasing project sizes, difficult gasses and remote locations. Stakeholders will have higher expectations in particular in terms of a plant’s environmental impact. Considering all this along with the above three points, it is clear that continued technology innovation and flexibility of designs are required to suit industry needs.

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