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Why more and more americans are against the oil export ban?

Author:SIANJIA FLOW CONTROL PublicTime:2015-10-08 Views:2482

CNNMoney reported, the United States could soon be exported a lot of oil.
American oil export ban lifting power is piled up rapidly. Some analysts believe that lasted for 40 years in December this year ban on U.S. exports may "die".
The vigorous growth of shale oil industry in the United States, cheap petrol prices, and the Iranian nuclear agreement, is pushing us towards oil export ban. In addition, the Iranian nuclear agreement agreed upon, may soon will pave the way for Iran's oil into the international market.
American oil export ban supporters want to know, if Iran can increase oil exports, why can't America?
More and more people are support for lifting the ban
From the point of the present actual situation, more and more people begin to support oil export ban.
The house of a subcommittee plans for an oil export ban legislation to a vote. Texas republican Congressman Joe Barton (Joe Barton) in an interview with CNNMoney said, "this is a fool all know things. Remove oil export bans, can put pressure on Russia to put pressure on Saudi Arabia, and will not raise gasoline prices, also can let more people back to work."
The Potomac research group, senior energy analyst McMonigle think, before this autumn the possibility of a ban be lifted as high as 75%.
Lower oil prices provide political cover
Ago, the U.S. congress did not act on this issue, thanks in part to fret that this will incur voters on some sensitive issues, including the price of gasoline, discontent.
But, today, the United States the vigorous growth of shale oil has contributed to the global oil market supply exceeds demand, the oil prices continue to slump. Labor day, gasoline prices fell to $2.4 a gallon, as the lowest level since 2004. However, once you lift the ban, oil prices will rebound? The expert thinks, this outcome is unlikely to happen.
The cause of the ban is outdated
In 1973, the organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) in order to strike Israel, as well as support for Israel countries (including the United States), oil ban, caused international oil prices rise sharply, the recession and western countries. At that time, the United States relies heavily on oil imports. In order to ensure the security of oil supplies, the United States in 1975, introduced legislation, strictly limit its oil exports.
The oil export ban enacted in order to prevent future similar supply disruptions, while protecting the domestic resources. However, the situation and was completely different. By the revolution of shale oil, the United States has the world's top oil and gas producer, even surpassing Saudi Arabia.
Oil rig jobs or are retained
Oil export bans contact, it may keep the oil industry jobs, because of the increasing demand for overseas refiners.
Oil prices continue to slump, let the U.S. oil industry. According to executive search firm Challenger, Gray&Christmas data released, since June 2014, the us oil industry has had more than 86000 jobs. Conocophillips (COP), schlumberger (SLB) and baker hughes (BHI) and other oil companies, have thousands of jobs.
Drilling oil export ban is very welcome.
Oil price information service chief oil analyst Tom Kloza believes that oil export bans contact not in gasoline prices or drilling "enormous impact". He insisted, short or medium term, higher oil prices will be more to help improve the state of the oil industry.
Us refineries will suffer
Although oil companies for oil ban, but the strength of the U.S. oil refining industry is strongly opposed to the move, because that will make them lose the privilege of using the cheap oil.
The U.S. energy information administration, is expected to once the ban is lifted, before 2025 refiners profits could shrink by at least $22 billion a year, and will cause layoffs.
Mr Obama will support lifting the ban?
If oil export ban to bill through congress, Mr Obama may also be pressure, and are required to use the veto. Environmentalists worry that America's rising oil exports will lead to more oil spill.
However, according to the White House isn't Obama would veto, McMonigle think Obama will also be about views of opponents.
McMonigle said. "Iran nuclear deal Obama forced into a corner. He can't veto any bill oil mouth ban."