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Russia's deputy prime minister: oil prices remain low or Russia's production

Author:SIANJIA FLOW CONTROL PublicTime:2015-10-08 Views:2484

Russian deputy prime minister, Debbie walker's (Arkady Dvorkovich) on Tuesday (September 1) said that Russia will not take the initiative to reduce production to stabilize oil prices, but does not rule out due to low oil prices, Russia was forced to cut.
DE Debbie walker has pointed out that Russia is willing to and the organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) and other major oil-producing countries together to talk about a low oil price. He added: "if oil prices continue to remain low for a long time, Russia's oil production is likely to decline, but we do not want to slash production."
International oil prices this year as the global oversupply problem has dropped more than half from a year earlier.
OPEC oil producers Saudi Arabia has been persisting with main productive strategy, hoping to beat the shale oil producers such as its main competitors, so as to seize market share.
Russian President Vladimir Putin (Vladimir Putin) on Thursday will be in China and venezuela's President, Nicolas Maduro (Nicolas Maduro) met to discuss the two common measures to stabilize the world oil prices may be. Now Russia and venezuela are trying to deal with the main export commodity prices.
OPEC and Russia is the world's leading supplier of crude, the two sides have held talks to discuss a low oil price problem for many times, but has yet to reach an agreement.
Dvorkovich said if artificially reduce production, after Russia want to resume production there will be a lot of technical difficulties.
Russia's current production to maintain high in the Soviet period, average daily production reached more than 10.7 million barrels a day, is expected to remain high until 2016